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Spring Wreath Home Decor Project

We love Spring wreaths! They add so much color to our homes when much of the weather is overcast and dreary.  Luckily for us, designer Grace created a beautiful Spring wreath to add to your home decor.

Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Level: Intermediate
Size: 15 x 15 x 6”

When I received the new HybriBond Mounting Tape, I knew that I wanted to create a project that will go on my wall. It will both test the ability of the adhesive to stick on my wall without damaging the paint (which I have to say was pretty impressive), but also will give me an excuse to combine my love of paper with the Spring season. The idea for the wreath was inspired by the project shared in Blooming Homestead blog. I tweaked mine a little by using patterned papers and adding a tissue flower in the center.

Here's what you need:Spring Inspired Home Decor by Grace Tolman

Here's what you do:

  1. Using your circle cutter or plate as a template, cut out a big circle from a piece of cardboard.Spring Wreath Layers
  2. Cut out 4" x 4” pieces from various patterned papers. I used two of each design to make sure I had enough to go around the whole cardboard.
  3. With the patterned side facing up, grab two opposing ends of the paper and fold it towards the center to create the cone, so the pattern is on the inside. Use Glue Lines to secure the ends.
  4. Adhere the cone folded papers around the cardboard using the Multipurpose adhesive, starting with the outer edge and working your way onto the center of the circle. When starting a new row, place your folded papers on the center of the two previously adhered cones so that the “petals” will overlap each other. Also, switch to the Advanced Strength dispenser for the next layers of petals to make sure they don’t fall out later on.
  5. When you have at least created four rows of petals, pick four papers from the vintage essential stack. Fold the 12" x 12” pieces, accordion style and tie the center with a small piece of twine or thin thread. Unfold the ends and start pulling the papers individually towards you. Scrunch up the ends for a more distressed look.Spring Wreath Home Decor with HybrBond Mounting Tape
  6. Spray the part of the cone petals showing some white (back side of the paper).  Let the papers dry completely and adhere to the center of the wreath using the Advanced Strength adhesive.
  7. Adhere the artificial flower on the center of the wreath, covering the twine or thread that you used with Advanced Strength adhesive.
  8. Hang the entire wreath on your wall using strips of HybriBond Mounting Tape.

The new HybriBond Repositionable Mounting Tape is very strong! Plus, when you take the project off of the wall, it doesn't ruin the paint. So happy about this adhesive!


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