Happy Birthday Wreath

Surprise someone special with a Happy Birthday wreath! Creative Maker Donna shows you how to make a paper wreath with cardstock and new Premium GlueTape™.  Check it out and leave a comment to let us what you think!

Made By: Donna Budzynski
1 ½ Hour

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Cut out 12” cardboard circle, set aside. 

Trim cardstock into 6” X 6” sheets. Roll into cone shape and adhere together using Permanent Premium GlueTape. Tip: Pre roll paper by wrapping it around something, it makes it easier when it is time to make cone.


Using a pencil, draw a smaller circle onto the center of 12” cardboard to use as a placement guide for the cones. Adhere finished cones onto 12” circle using Permanent Glue Dots®.


Once first layer is filled there will be gaps, now a second layer will go on to fill those gaps.


Cut out a 6 – 8” circle and add sentiment and adhere to the center of wreath with Permanent Premium GlueTape.

On the back of the cardboard circle I punched a hole with a hole punch, now you can hang.


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