Solving Adhesive Challenges Through Innovation and Industry Partnerships

Posted by The Team at GDI on October 01, 2013
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Here at Glue Dots International (GDI) we take great pride in providing solutions that solve real challenges in the packaging world. Recently, the QuikDot Pro has proven to be an asset to the food and beverage industry. The process of creating this product is indicative of our approach here at GDI, and even gave rise to a new internal team.

The first question we ask ourselves when developing a new product is, "Is there anything like this?" In the case of the QuikDot Pro, we had always been interested in exploring a mid-sized applicator. We already had a larger and a smaller applicator on the shelves. Our goal with a mid-sized applicator was to achieve greater control with a refillable capacity.

QuikDot Pro - Beverage Packaging Repair

In speaking with our customers in the beverage industry, we knew they had a problem with breakage due to hot melt adhesive failure (an issue we explore in greater depth in this blog post). We married our idea for a mid-sized applicator with their need for a new adhesive solution, and we got to work.

We went through a long process of trial and error, testing each iteration of the applicator in the field to make sure it was truly useful in real world situations. Before putting it into full production, we even did a soft launch to the beer industry through the NBWA. Through demos and engaged feedback, we were able to refine the applicator, as well as the adhesive we would inevitably pair with it.

In the end, our efforts resulted in the QuikDot Pro. The reason this applicator has found such success is because it’s tailor made to tackle real needs.

As is demonstrated by the process of creating the QuikDot Pro, our solutions are rarely cookie cutter. Today, we boast an entire innovation and technology team, a team spawned from this same QuikDot Pro creation process. The team’s goal is to invent and bring new products to market. It’s made up of adhesive experts, equipment specialists and project managers. And where other teams have been charged with boldly going where no one has gone before, our team’s mission is similar: analyze, develop, launch and execute product solutions that the world has ever seen before.

To learn more about the QuikDot Pro, download our case study "Distributing Success" and discover how the QuikDot Pro :

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  • Increases sell through rates

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