Breakfast Table Tent Sign

Get birthdays off to a great start with this breakfast table tent sign.  This placeholder announces the arrival of a birthday and will bring out some early-morning smiles!  Make it a tradition in your home and personalize each table tent to the likes and themes in your child’s life.

Breakfast Table Tent on plate dmb copy

Designed By: Dawn Mercedes Barrett

Time: 30 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness

Size: 4.25" x 5.25" 


 Here's what you do:

Cut your card stock base to 8.5" x 4.25" using your paper trimmer. Score it about 4.25" along the long edge and fold in half. Cut your patterned paper to 4" x 4." Cut other shapes as desired using a Big Shot. Use an electronic cutter to cut out desired letters approximately 1.5 inches tall.

Breakfast Table Tent supplies dmb copyTip: GlueTape works great for these letters.  Use Pop-Up Dots to prop up the medallion created with paper shapes. 

Tip: Place your dots on the bottom edge of the circles since the top is higher than the base.

Fold your card stock base in half. Use Ultra Thin Dots to adhere the decorative paper to the front. 
Use Glue Dots to create the HB Medallion Panel. Decorate as desired using the cut out “HB.” Use dye ink and stamps to create additional greetings. Cut out with wafer thin dies. Use Pop Up Dots to prop up the sentiment.

 Breakfast Table Tent in process dmb copy

With Glue Dots, creating a new family tradition is a snap!  Your family will look forward to breakfast…in bed or at the table…with this table tent announcing their birthday! 

~ Dawn

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