Christmas Crafts

Christmas Tree Wall Display

Easily add a lighted Christmas tree to a wall in your office, home or classroom with removable Flexible Hang Tabs by Glue Dots®. Great for small spaces or where you don't have the ability to set up a whole tree while still giving you some Christmas cheer. 

Glue-Dots-Wall-Christmas-Tree-finishedDesigned by:  Danielle Hunter

Time: 20  minutes

Level:  Quick and Easy




Separate the Hang tab from the liner without pulling apart. 


Slide the light bulb through the die cut slot. 


Adhere a Hang Tab at the desired center top point of tree.

Starting from center of light strand, work down each side and secure hang tabs in place.

Create one half of tree. Repeat for other side of tree.


  • Use a damp cloth to clean wall and let dry prior to adhering the Flexible Hang Tabs.
  • Flexible Hang Tabs work best on flat surfaces like windows, doors, untextured walls, etc.
  • Flexible Hang Tabs remove from the wall easily, making for quick removal or repositioning of tabs.

~ Danielle