Christmas Crafts

Country Christmas Tree

Spice up your Christmas space by creating this country-chic mini Christmas tree. Swap out the decorations and/or the cup to make this fun project match your own home decor. 


Made by: Donna Budzynski

Time: 45 Minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Supply List:



Flatten Styrofoam ball by pressing firmly on a hard surface. Adhere Advanced Strength to bottom of ball. Peel backing off and adhere to bottom of tin cup.

Cut or tear a square of fabric to cover Styrofoam ball. Adhere Advanced Strength to top of ball and add fabric onto ball.


Stuff extra fabric around sides.


Poke a small hole into middle of the fabric and ball, then insert your tree.

Tear strips of fabric approximately ½” X 2” and tie onto tree.

Cut berries off of stem with wire cutters. Using Permanent Dots adhere berries onto tree.


Get creative and make this project special to you and your family by adding your own special touches. Enjoy!