Christmas Crafts

Framed Santa Suit

Adding a festive themed decor, which doesn’t break the bank, is easy to do with a few simple materials. This graphic representation of a Santa suit is modern in design and a bit whimsical. You can even use an already framed piece of art for a temporary change.


Designer: Janet Van Lone Trieschman

Level: Moderate Handiness

Time: 30 minutes

Size: 8” x 10”


Cut colored paper into the following dimensions:

  • 1 -red rectangle size 8” x 10”
  • 4 - 0.5” white circles 
  • 1 -  white square  2.175” x 2.175” with the middle removed 1.5” x 1.5” (round corners optional)
  • 1 - black rectangle 8” x 1.5”


Paint the white square with the gold metallic paint pen, set aside. 


Roughly lay pieces down to see how the end results will look. Find the center of the red piece of paper, place the white circles down, centering them on the page vertically with the same space between each.


Use Ultra-Thin Dots to adhere the buttons down. 


Apply Ultra-thin Dots to the black paper.


Attach the gold square to the center on top of the black rectangle. Place the artwork into a frame and enjoy!

Tips: For small pieces of paper, place the paper pieces on the glue dots instead of trying to roll the glue dot onto the paper.

~ Janet