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Holiday Vertical Banner

When I think about banners, I usually think of horizontal ones. But sometimes, a vertical banner works best for dressing up a hallway or a skinny wall during the holiday season. This project was super easy to put together and the embellishments won’t fall off, thanks to Advanced Strength Dots. 


Made by: Grace Tolman

Time: Approx. 40 minutes (Including paint drying time.)

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 19” x 3 ½” x ½”



Paint one side and the edges of the wood pieces with white paint. Set aside to dry. 

While the wood shapes are drying, start planning how you want to arrange the glittered ornament shapes on top of each other. Mount them together using the Advanced Strength Glue Dots. Once the wood circles are dried, adhere the now stacked and glued glittered ornament shapes on top of each one with the same Glue Dots. 


Add buttons. Thread some of the buttons with white twine before adhering them with more Advanced Strength Dots. 

Add word stickers. 

Cut a length of the ribbon long enough to create your vertical banner (about 21”). 

Fold 1” of the ribbon on the top and secure the end of it onto the back of the ribbon using  Advanced Strength Dots. This will give the top a finished look, while creating a hanging loop. 

Adhere your assembled circle pieces onto the ribbon with more Advanced Strength Dots. Ensure that there is an even spacing between each circle. 


Cut the bottom of a ribbon into a notch. 

Wrap more white twine on the top of the banner and tie into a bow to add finishing touch. 

~ Grace

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