Kids Craft : Clothes Pin Dragonfly

My three year old son loves to paint! I decided to turn his love for coloring with a brush into a 3D project by using a few painted wood pieces and turning them into a fun insect. The googly eyes make it even more realistic. This is a perfect project for little hands that are in need of a quick, but satisfying “quiet” activity.

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Designed by: Grace Tolman

Time: Approximately 40 minutes (including drying time)

Level: Quick and Easy                

Size:  3” x 4 1/3” x 3/4”

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Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

Have your little one paint the wood pieces. Set aside to dry. 

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Place an Advanced Strength Dot about an inch back from the pinching end of your clothespin and adhere one of the popsicle sticks, at an angle, mimicking a dragonfly wing. Place another Advanced Strength Dot in the center of the attached stick and adhere the second wood stick on top in the opposite direction. Using one more Advanced Strength Dots, place the wood circle at the "top" of the clothespin.

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Place two Mini Dots onto the wood circle and attach the googly eyes. *You can add a smile to the dragonfly with a marker if you (or your child) wish to. 

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~ Grace