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Kids Craft: Paper Holiday Wreath

Create a paper holiday wreath that the kids can make! While most DIY wreaths are complicated, this one is kid-appropriate and uses a materials that you already have in your craft stash.


Made by: Melanie East

Time: 30 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 12”



Unlike many crafts geared towards kids, this one takes a significant amount of time to complete. For this project, it's helpful to do all of the cutting and folding before sitting the kids down to begin a project. 

Using the scissors, cut out the circle from the center of the paper plate so that only the outer rim of the paper plate remains. Set aside.


With a paper trimmer, cut the construction paper into 1” strips. The construction paper should be horizontal in the trimmer during this step.   


Fold the green construction paper strips in half.

Place one strip onto the paper plate ring, inserting the ring into the folded edge of the strip.
Secure the green strip with two Craft Dots—one in the center of the strip and one in between the loose ends.

Continue this all the way around the paper plate ring, until the whole ring is covered. 


Use the ribbon to create a wreath hanger.

Optional: Use Craft Dots and embellishments to add color to your wreath.


Once completed, your kids will enjoy decorating the wreath. Let them hang their masterpiece in a place to share in the spirit of holiday decorating.    

 ~ Melanie

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