Mother's Day

Upcycled Succulent Container

Get a head start on your Mother’s Day gift by making this adorable upcycled succulent container! Or, even better: sit down with the kiddos and help them make one for mom! All it takes is some twine, a few Glue Dots®, and a little succulent (paper or real) to drop inside. Have fun!


Upcycled Succulent Container-005


Upcycled Succulent Container


  1. Using the Dot n’ Go. roll Glue Dots® All-Purpose Dots all over your container. We made straight lines of Glue Dots® all the way down 4 sides of our container (make vertical stripes of Glue Dots®). If your container is a bit larger, you may need more than 4 stripes.Upcycled Succulent Container-001
  2. Place the end of your twine directly on top of a Glue Dots® All-Purpose Dot at the top of your container. Slowly wrap the twine around the container, pressing down firmly every time the twine overlaps a Dot.Upcycled Succulent Container-002
  3. When you get to the bottom of your container, make sure the cut end of the twine finishes on a Dot. Push down firmly to secure the end.Upcycled Succulent Container-003
  4. Then, finish it off by adding a real, paper, or plastic succulent to mom's new upcycled container!Upcycled Succulent Container-004


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