Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Card

Love is in the air and we’ve got a card that’ll help you share it with that special someone. With just a few die cuts, your crafty Glue Dots® and some sequins, you’ll be ready to say ‘Happy Heart Day’ in no time!

LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE |   SIZE: 4.25” x 5.5”



  • Glue Dots® Micro Dots
  • Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dots
  • Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape
  • Scissors
  • Black Sequin Mix
  • Black Thread
  • Acrylic Block
  • Happy Valentine’s Day acrylic stamp
  • Black Soot Distress Ink
  • Baby Wipes or Stamp Cleaner
  • A2 Top Folding card base
  • White Mat cut at 3.75” x 5”
  • Die Cuts:
    • 3 pink dove tail banner die cut pieces cut at .75” x 3.75”
    • 1 pink strip at 3.75” x .75”
    • Blue strip at 3.45” x .5”
    • Blue scallop circle 2.5” wide
    • White circle cut at 2” wide
    • Stitched pink circle at 1.75” wide
    • Blue heart cut at 1.75” height



  1. With the Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape add the 3.75” x 5” mat to the A2 Card Base.P1080847
  2. Use the Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape to glue the banner pieces. If you start in the middle, the edges should line up easily.
  3. Use the Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape, and glue the scallop circle to the white circle, then to the pink stitched circle.P1080864
  4. Add one Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dot to the back of the Blue Heart.P1080882
  5. Wrap some thread around your fingers 5 or 6 times and cut the end.P1080876
  6. Put the thread on the Glue Dot® and move it around until the cluster looks good to you.P1080887
  7. Add some Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape to the remainder of the back side of the heart and glue to the pink stitched circle.P1080892
  8. Stamp the Happy Valentine’s Day sentiment on the blue strip, and then use the Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape to glue it to the pink strip and across the bottom edge of the card front.P1080904
  9. Pour a small amount of sequins from the black mix. Pick the medium to largest size, and use Glue Dots® Micro Dots to glue them randomly around the card front.P1080921
  10. Adjust the thread ball again to make sure how it’s you like, and your card is done. Happy Valentine’s Day!P1080925