Kids Craft: Felt Finger Puppets

Use Advanced Strength Dots to make felt finger puppets! This fun kids craft is perfect to keep those little hands occupied. 

Made by: Robyn
Time: 30 minutes (including dry time)
Level: Beginner
Size: Approx. 2-2.5 inches

Here’s what you need:

Glue Dots Felt Finger Puppet Supplies

Here's what you do:

Cut the background part of the finger puppet that will wrap around your finger. I cut mine about 2.5 inches by approximately 2 inches.

Make it into a cylinder shape and adhere ends together with Mini Dots or Advanced Strength Dots. You can pull it tighter around the top, to help it to stay on your finger better.


Cut shapes to make a reindeer head, antlers, elf head and hat, etc.



Adhere the face pieces together your Mini Dots. Use a Sharpie to add faces.



Adhere face onto the cylinder shape you already made with Advanced Strength Dots.


Let your kids have fun with this one! They can use their creativity to make several different finger puppets that they can play with at home OR on the go! Perfect to take in the car as you are traveling over the holidays as well. Happy crafting!

Elf Felt Finger Puppet Made with Glue Dots

Reindeer Felt Finger Puppet made with Glue Dots.


Christmas Felt Finger Puppets Kids Craft Made with Glue Dots.

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