Why Glue Dots Adhesives are Just Better – Part 1

Posted by GDI Industrial on February 04, 2015

We’re often asked about what the differences are between Glue Dots Brand adhesives and some of the other types of adhesive solutions on the market. It might be easy to just claim, “Our product is the best”. But, perhaps it is best to give our view of the differences and why we think Glue Dots Brand adhesives are the best solution for commercial applications that need to be clean, effective, and not costly. Over the next three blogs, GDI intends to do just that: prove to you why our Glue Dots adhesives are usually a better choice than tape, hot melt, and liquid glue.

Tape Versus Glue Dots Brand Adhesives

Name recognition is about the only thing that tape has over Glue Dots adhesives. We all use it and we all have a roll of it resting in its ubiquitous dispenser somewhere in the warehouse or office. As pressure-sensitive adhesives go, plain adhesive tape (often referred to by one of its brand names) is a passible, if not entirely effective or desired, choice for sealing large bulky envelopes, packaging, and boxes.

On the other side, you have our innovative Glue Dots brand adhesives. GDI adhesives are a much more flexible and reliable adhesive solution for a much wider variety of applications. Unlike adhesive tape, standard Glue Dots adhesives provide a clean, instant bond with no residue or mess. Glue Dots adhesives are double-sided and preformed as well. In addition, they are FDA compliant. Plus, standard Glue Dots brand adhesives also come in five different levels of tack and three different profiles so you don’t have to settle for the one-size-doesn’t-always-fit-all of regular adhesive tapes.

One of the best examples of GDI adhesives replacing tape adhesive is with our beverage repack solution - the QuikDot Pro. Download the case study to learn why the beverage industry prefers GDI adhesives over double-sided tape.

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You now have some solid proof of why GDI adhesives are superior to adhesive tape, next time we’ll discuss why choosing Glue Dots brand adhesives over hot melt is also an easy choice.

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