Glue Dots Handheld Applicators - Which one is right for you?

Posted by GDI Industrial on March 18, 2015

Whether your application is consumer packaging, beverage packaging, material handling, or forward-facing placement, handheld applicators for administering adhesives are useful. When it comes to applying our Glue Dots Brand Adhesives, there are a few handheld options for your use. While each of our handheld applicators is easy-to-use and affordable, there are certain applications where one is a better option than the others. Which handheld applicator is right for you?

DotShot™ Pro

Our standard, fit-for-all applicator, the DotShot™ Pro is suited for all industries, including material handling, forward-facing placement, and consumer packaged goods. It can be used for palletization and is engineered to adhere two packages together to create a bulk pack. Due to its versatility and safe-to-use qualities, the DotShot™ Pro is a trusted choice in portable adhesive applicators. It can handle rolls from 12 mils to 100 mils and is available for stitch patterns of ¼ in. and ½ in. in diameter. Watch the DotShot™ Pro in action below!

QuikDot™ Pro

Do you work in the beverage packaging industry? Have you ever had to repair carrier packs while maintaining brand integrity? It’s not easy with double-sided tape or a hot glue gun. Designed and engineered specifically for packing and repair applications in the beverage industry, the QuikDot Pro fits into the palm of your hand and in your back pocket. The adhesive is strong and invisible, so that it holds the packaging closed while remaining hidden from the end consumer. You can watch how it works in the beverage repack industry in our QuikDot™ Pro video below.

Dot N’ Go

The smallest of our handheld applicators, and also the only disposable one, our Dot N’ Go applicator targets the contract packaging industry. It is best suited for quick and easy projects that are worked on in bulk. When a clean, fast bond is needed, the Dot N’ Go is an ideal choice.

While all of our handheld applicators can apply adhesives quickly, easily, and safely, there are certain applications where each shines more than the others. Which one is best for you?

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