Distributing Success – Solving Carrier Case Failure in the Beverage Industry

Posted by GDI Industrial on September 03, 2013

Carrier case failure is a multi-million dollar problem for the beverage industry, resulting in countless returns to re-pack centers, and higher labor and transportation costs for manufacturers and distributors. The first question for many beverage companies becomes, "How can we cut costs on repacking?” The second question is “How can we do it without sacrificing brand integrity?

The solution most commonly employed fails to answer either of those questions. Most times, double-sided tape is used to repack. But double sided-tape often requires multiple applications to repair a single case. When heavy corrugate packaging is used, this only amplifies the problem. Over-taping not only leads to increased adhesive waste and cost, but the visible bond it leaves behind also damages brand integrity. That of course translates to lower sell through rates, hurting profits in addition to increasing costs.

Clearly something needed to be done, and a beverage distributor in the Pacific Northwest turned to Glue Dots International to do it. Our solution involved working with this customer to develop something new to tackle the repacking problem head on.

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  • How the QuikDot Pro protects brand integrity
  • Improves repair efficiency
  • Reduces costs

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