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Bloom Banner

This banner is a great way to brighten up any room for spring. You can cut the banner pieces yourself, but using pre-cut banner packs (that can be found in the crafting or party sections at Walmart) makes this a project easy to complete in less than 30 minutes.


Made by: Samantha Taylor

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness

Size: 4 ½” x 3’



Cut “BLOOM” with a Cricut, or trace and cut letters from card stock. Attach letters to 5 of the banner pieces with Premium Permanent GlueTape. Premium Permanent GlueTape is perfect for attaching paper to paper. The easy glide dispenser will make this one of your favorite new adhesives.

Cut two – 1” x 12” strips of paper. Cut fringe into the strips, leaving a ¼” uncut border along one 12” edge. Place Glue Lines along the uncut border and roll the strip up to create the flower. Take care not to roll the flower too tightly. Glue-Dots-Bloom-Banner-flowerPress the "fringe" down and out, creating a fanned-out flower shape. Attach the flower to a banner piece using a Craft Dot.

Optional – cut a leaf from green paper and add behind flower.

Repeat these steps to create a second flower. Then, string some twine through banner, and then hang it. 

When choosing colors for this project, take the chance on colors that you don’t normally choose. I don’t craft with purple much, so I made sure to use that color as one of my focal colors for this project. Step out of your comfort zone a little – you’ll be glad that you did!     

 ~ Samantha