Strawberry Bag - Kids Craft

Strawberry season is so close, we can almost taste the sweet, succulent juiciness of fresh picked strawberries! Designer Robyn is on our blog with a great summer kids craft using Glue Dots and Oly*Fun material - a strawberry bag. It's a cute companion project to the book, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear. 

Designed by: Robyn
Time: 15-20 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: Varies

What child doesn't love doing little crafts? AND what parent/teacher doesn't love the children's crafts that are easy and no mess?! This mama! So, here's one that works for everyone! A sweet little spring/summer strawberry bag that you can make!

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Cut your strawberry, leaves, and rectangle strip for the handle from your Oly*Fun Craft Material. (I just freehand cut the shape of a strawberry and the leaves, but if you have a machine that cuts these shapes, this material is great for that too! OR you can find a shape online and print the shape out and trace and cut as well.)


Take your small hole punch and punch out evenly spaced holes along the sides and bottom of the strawberry.


Have your child lace up the strawberry with the red string/yarn. After they lace it all one direction, have them go back the other direction to lace the opposite way.  

Tip: If it begins to fray, just wrap a tad of tape around the end to keep it in place and tight. This makes it easier for the child to thread through the holes than a needle!


Use your Permanent Glue Dots to adhere the rectangle strip inside the top of the strawberry for the handle AND the leaves to the top of the strawberry.


Use your Glue Squares to adhere the buttons onto the front of the strawberry for seeds.


My kids were so proud of themselves for making this and so excited to use this sweet little strawberry bad to tote around some little plush animals and treasures they find!