Project Ideas

Craft Cuts: But First, Coffee

Thanks to Craft Cuts and their amazing custom words, you can choose anything to match your style!  Using Glue Dots® makes attaching them to wood, paper (or anything) fast, clean and easy; you can make your unique piece of art in no time. 

Glue-Dots-Coffee-finished Made By: Amanda Tibbitts

Time: 1 hour (maybe more, depends on drying time)

Level: Moderate Handiness


Lay your letters on the poster board and figure out how big you want your sign to be.  Use the pencil and ruler to help draw a straight line and use the scissors to cut this out. Once cut, trace the edge on the foam core and use the Xacto to trim it down to the same size.  Move slowly, using a few passes to cut the foam core. Once these both are trimmed, set them aside. Glue-Dots-Coffee-knife

 Using the stir stick, stir up the Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint. It should be about the consistency of yogurt once it’s ready to use. 


Dump some out onto the paper plate and with the sponge brush, begin painting the letters.  Depending on the size, you may want to use a small brush.  Let the paint dry between coats.  I ended up doing 3 coats on my letters. 


Once your letters are dry, use the nail file or sanding block and sand the edges of the letters if you want a more distressed look.  This step isn’t necessary, but it does add some detail.


With the distress ink, rub some color over the poster board along the edges. Measure some ribbon and tie it around the top of the poster board. Add some Advanced Strength Double Sided sheets to each corner of the back side of the poster board and one piece in the middle. Fill in some sparse areas with Glue Lines and adhere the poster board to the foam core you already cut. You can add some more distress ink to the foam core if you’d like here.


With Glue Lines and Mini Dots, add adhesive to the back of the letters. 


Use the ruler to help you make sure they get glued down straight.  Take your time and use a bit more adhesive than you think you might need. 


This sign is very fun to make and can be embellished more to add your personal style. The wood letters are so fun to use, and with Glue Dots® you know that whatever you make will last. Thanks, Craft Cuts, for the fun letters! 

~ Amanda