Decorative Headband

Glue Dots® will help you create coordinating headbands to match your outfits! Create one of a kind looks while you match styles and colors. 

Decorative headbands finished flower dm

Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett

Time: 15 minutes

Level:  Quick and Easy

 Decorative headbands supplies dmb

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

To make the floral headband, use wire cutters to snip a bloom off a sprig of flowers. Gently take the flower apart. Use Advanced Strength Dots to reassemble the flower without the plastic insert.

Decorative headbands flower in process dmb

After applying the flower bloom to the side the headband, use an Advanced Strength Dot to apply a rhinestone in the center of the flower to finish off the look.

Decorative headbands finished flower with product 2 dmb

To make the rhinestone headband, place the first rhinestone at the top center using an Advanced Strength Dot to secure it. 

Then, add additional dots going out from the center point. Remember to stop about 1.5 inches from the ends to provide room for your ears. Decorative headbands rhinestones in process dmb

Using Glue Dots to update your wardrobe is a fun and easy craft project.  Choose the colors that best match new outfits to create accessories that will be noticed. If the little girl in your life has a new dress or outfit, use Glue Dots to create a one of a kind accessory!

 Decorative headbands finished two dmb

~ Dawn

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