Double-Sided Metal Stamped Necklace

Use Advanced Strength Double-sided Sheets to make a customized necklace that’s just as pretty on the back as it is on the front. This is a great project for jewelry makers of all skill levels including kids, who always want to seem to help with projects!

Double Sided Metal Stamping-009

Made by: Samantha Taylor

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness Double Sided Metal Stamping

Here's what you need:

 Here's what you do:

Stamp letters to create the words for the front side of your necklace on one of your metal blanks (Example: GLUE DOTS). Stamp the letters to create the words for the back side of your necklace on the second metal blank (Example: MAKER).


Double Sided Metal Stamping-001

Trace the shape of your metal blank onto a sheet of Advanced Strength adhesive. Cut out your traced shape.

Double Sided Metal Stamping-003
Place the cut adhesive on the back side of one of your stamped metal blanks. Press the back side of the second metal blank to the adhesive you placed on the first metal blank to create a double-sided charm.
Double Sided Metal Stamping-004Punch a hole through top of your double-sided charm.

Double Sided Metal Stamping-006

Use Rub ‘n Buff to add color to the stamped letters on your charm.

Double Sided Metal Stamping-007
Attach your new double-sided, stamped charm to your necklace chain. 

Now that you’ve made a necklace, why not try your hand at a key-chain? Kids love coming up with fun words and phrases to make all kinds of gifts for friends and family members. Using Glue Dots® means there’s no drying time and no waiting for your jewelry creation to be ready to wear!  

~ Samantha

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