DIY Fabric Flower Flag

I love flowers in the spring and summer, which is  my go-to inspiration for any home décor I make during this season. Creating my own decorative flag was made easy with Glue Dots® Advanced Strength adhesive.

Made By: Grace Tolman
Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Level: Intermediate
Size: Height 19" x Length 7 1/3” x Width ½"

Here's what you need: 


Here's what you do:

Cut a 12" x 7 1/3” piece of canvas fabric.


Fold on the center and cut a triangle on one side to create the flag end.


Add a simple straight stitch on the edge of the fabric. This will ensure that the fabric won’t fray from use later on.


With the four varying hues of pink and the stencil, create an ombre design on the canvas. Set aside to dry.


Adhere the flowers and ribbons on the dried canvas using Glue Dots Advanced Strength adhesive.


Trim the excess ribbons from the edge of the flag.


Glue Dots Advanced Strength adhesive to the back side of the top edge of the flag. Fold the canvas over and around the dowel and press firmly against the adhesive to ensure a strong, secure bond.


Add some more ribbon to the dowel so you can hang your flag.



iDon't forget to save it for later!