'Happy Easter' Egg Decor

Warmer weather means it’s time for all things Easter. So, break out the bright paper, some Glue Dots® and create a 'Happy Easter' egg sign for your home!


Happy Easter Egg Decor-008-1


Happy Easter Egg Decor-9


  1. Cut a piece of patterned paper to 11” x 3”. Apply a Glue Dots® Adhesive Sheets for Die Cutting to the back side the patterned paper and proceed to cut out the words “Happy Easter”.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-001-2
  2. Peel off liner from cut words and apply to wood pallet.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-002-1
  3. Cut 11 identical egg shapes from a variety of spring colored patterned paper (you can cut 2 egg shapes from 1 sheet of 12” x 12” patterned paper).
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-003-1
  4. Fold egg shapes in half vertically with the pattern you want showing facing the inside.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-004-1
  5. While folded in half, attach 2 egg shapes to the pallet using Craft Glue Dots®. Place the shapes in such a way that they create one full egg.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-005-1
  6. Continue to layer egg shapes (folded in half) on top of the egg shapes already attached to the pallet.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-006-1
  7. To finish, unfold one egg. Adhere it on top of the stack of folded eggs with Craft Glue Dots®. The pattern you want to be showing should be facing up towards you.
    Happy Easter Egg Decor-007-1

Glue Dots® Adhesive Sheets for Die Cutting make attaching small die cuts a breeze and Craft Glue Dots® are perfect for adhering paper to wood and paper to paper. I hope you enjoy your new 'Happy Easter' Egg Decor!