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July 4th Bunting Banner

It's that time of year again, when beautiful flag bunting starts popping up on porches throughout the country. But if you don’t have a great place to hang the real thing, you can just make this adorable 4th of July bunting banner for your interior instead!

LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE   |   SIZE: 32” x 4 1/2”

4th of July Bunting Banner


4th of July Bunting Banner-Supplies


  1. Cut 3 scalloped circles and 3 circles from patterned paper. The circles should be slightly smaller than the 3 scalloped circles. These scalloped circles are about 6 3/4”, but you can cut any size that fits your space.
    4th of July Bunting Banner-Step 1
  2. Use Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dots  to attach the circles to the scalloped circles. Then, use a paper cutter to cut each assembled circle in half (it’s okay if it’s not perfectly in half).
    4th of July Bunting Banner-Step 2
  3. Cut “1776” from patterned paper or use pre-cut number embellishments. Use Glue Dots® Pop-Up Dots to attach “1776” to the half circles.
    4th of July Bunting Banner-Step 3
  4. Use a hole punch to punch holes in each half circle. Add optional star embellishments to two of the half circles using Glue Dots® Pop-Up Dots.
    4th of July Bunting Banner-Step 4
  5. String banner pieces on baker’s twine and hang it for the whole world to see!
    4th of July Bunting Banner-Step 5

We sized it to fit a picture window in the family room, but you can size down to hang it on your front door, or size up to hang it on a bannister. Make the banner longer by choosing a word like liberty, freedom, or fireworks instead of 1776. Happy 4th everyone!

4th of July Bunting Banner-Final

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