Kids Craft: Cupcake Liner Flower

Kids of all ages can have fun creating their own flower masterpiece with a few simple craft supplies.  

Melanie East - DSC_1088[1] copy

Made by: Melanie East

Time: 15 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 7” by 7”

 Melanie East - DSC_1081[1] copy

Here's what you need



Use markers to draw petals and decorate the cupcake liners so that they looks like flowers.

Melanie East - DSC_1083[1] copy

Place a few Craft Dots at the top of the craft stick.

Melanie East - DSC_1084[1] copy

Press the colored cupcake liner over the craft stick.

Melanie East - DSC_1085[1] copy

 Let children use a variety of markers for more color. Experiment with various types of card stock for different spring time looks! Framing the art work is a fun way to change to seasonal décor and the kids will enjoy that they had a hand in it.

~ Melanie