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Memorial Day Decoration - Pinwheel

Pinwheels are cute for not only outdoor décor, but indoor too! Pinwheels add a lovely dimension to vases, especially when flowers may not be available. Since using pinwheels indoors means no wind, these pinwheels are made stationary.

Melanie East - DSC_0870[1] copy

Made by: Melanie East

Time: 15 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

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Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

Open up Cricut Design Space. Using the design program, find a pinwheel design that you like. There are several from which to choose. Insert the pinwheel into a blank canvas and resize it to accommodate your preference.  To cover the center of the pinwheel, click “Insert Shapes” and add a circle to the canvas. Resize the circle to be proportionate to your resized pinwheel. Send the design to the Cricut machine, cutting the pinwheels and circles on your cardstock using the StandardGrip Cuttin Mat. Keep in mind the pinwheel edges will fold down, so the back of the paper will also be shown in the front.Melanie East - DSC_0862[1] copy

Once the pinwheels are cut, apply a Craft Dot to each of the corners that contains a dot.

Melanie East - DSC_0863[1] copy
One at a time, press each corner to secure the Craft Dot to the center of the pinwheel.

Melanie East - DSC_0864[1] copy

Apply Craft Dots to the back of the circle. Press the circle to the center of the pinwheel.

Melanie East - DSC_0865[1] copy
Apply Craft Dots to the back of the pinwheel in a line. Press the paper straw to the Dots.

Melanie East - DSC_0866[1] copy

Try adding these stationary pinwheels to wreaths, bouquets of flowers, or other home décor pieces.

~ Melanie

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