Holiday Gift Wrap

Merry Gift Wrap Banner

Ever since the first time I watched the Sound of Music as a young child, "brown paper packages tied up with string" were so fascinating. Add this banner to a brown paper package to make it look festive and even more irresistible.

Made By: Kelly Hedgespeth
Time: 10 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: size varies based on size of package

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Wrap the twine around the package several times. Pull the ends tightly in the back and double knot them. Snip off the ends.


Slide the double knot to the side and add two Ultra-Thin Dots to the package. Scoot the twine back over on top of the Ultra-Thin Dots and press down so the twine will stay in place.


Cut the paper scraps into 5 inch long by 2.5 inch wide rectangles. Fold the pieces of paper in half. The folded papers will now be 2.5 inch square.


Use some scrap paper to cut a triangle to use as a guide for cutting.

Line up the base of the triangle to the folded edge of each 2.5 inch square paper and use the triangle as a guide to cut out the pennants for the banner.


Add the letter stickers to the pennants to spell out MERRY.


For each pennant, add two Ultra-Thin Dots near the fold of the pennant and one near one of the points.


Then fold the pennant over the middle of the twine and press the two sides of the paper together.

Add the pennants to the twine starting with the middle letter of the word. This spaces the middle correctly and then work out to the ends.


This gift wrap banner can be customized for any occasion by selecting different paper and twine. Leftover scraps of gift wrap can also be used instead of scrapbook paper.