Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift

These hanging gift pockets are perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch or to leave as a surprise on a friend’s door. They’re simple enough to make in bulk or have kids help with, yet elegant enough to be the star of the show.
LEVEL: BEGINNER   |   SIZE: 4” x 8”

Mother's Day Hanging Gift Pocket



  1. Cut a piece of patterned paper to 12” x 4”.
    Mother's Day Hanging Gift Pocket
  2. Score at 3 ¾” and 3 7/8”.

  3. Fold along the score lines and use Glue Dots® Glue Lines to secure the edges (leaving the top
    Mother's Day Hanging Gift Pocket
  4. Use Craft Glue Dots® to attach embellishments.Mother's Day Hanging Gift Pocket
  5. Punch 2 holes on the top side. Thread ribbon through the holes, tying a bow in front and leaving
    a large loop on the back side for hanging.

    Mothers Day Hanging Gift Pocket-004
  6. Stuff with a small gift.

    Using Glue Lines along the edge of the pocket gives a strong and secure hold that won’t pop open when a bulky gift item is placed inside. These pockets are the perfect size for a few tea bags, a seed packet, or a small candy treat.