Sea Shell Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Do you often collect sea shells on beach vacations but then wonder what to do with them? Use them to make this beach themed game. With a canvas and a few common crafting supplies, this project serves as a souvenir and a boredom buster!

Made by: Melanie East
Time: 10 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: 5” by 7”

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Use Mini Glue Dots to adhere the vertical ribbon scraps to the canvas.


Repeat step one to adhere the horizontal ribbon scraps to the canvas.


Have fun playing tic-tac-toe!


Carry the supplies with you on your beach vacation and create this game while on your trip. Purchase a canvas with an opening in the back (rather than a flat canvas) to hold the sea shell game pieces when not in use.


Don't forget to save the idea for your next summer trip!