This cute little star packs a big patriotic punch with traditional red, white and blue flowers and it will look cute hanging anywhere!

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Made by: Amanda Tibbitts

Time: 1 hour

Level: Moderate Handiness


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Here's what you need:

  • Mini Dots™
  • Micro Dots™
  • Permanent GlueTape™
  • Foam core in white
  • Cardstock
  • 3 pieces of plain cardstock in red, white and blue
  • Red and white twine
  • Assorted small buttons
  • Cutting mat
  • 7” Star to use as template
  • Xacto knife or craft knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Small flower punches in different shapes
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 2 Sizes of hand sewing needles

Here's what you do:

Place the 7” Star template on the foam core piece and trace it lightly with pencil.  After you’ve traced it, use the Xacto to cut out your star. You can skip this and just cut the star out holding the template in place if you’d like (or you could use some removable Glue Dots to hold it in place). This will take a few passes with the blade so take some time to make sure the edges are smooth.  Make sure to work on your cutting mat! P1060148 copy

Once your foam core star is cut, decide which paper you want to use.  Then punch out a passel of flowers with your punches to fill up the middle section of the star.  Set these aside while you trace your foam star on the back of the patterned cardstock. Cut this out with scissors.  P1060161 copyWith Permanent GlueTape, add lines all over the back of the cardstock star.  Stick it to the foam star and press down the edges and middle.  If there is any hangover on the edges of the cardstock,  sand them down with your sandpaper.

  P1060166 copy

Start using Mini Dots to add the punched flowers all over the front of your design. Overlap them and place them all over.  For my sample project, I used about 60 flowers. With the  Micro Dots, add some tiny buttons in varying places on a few flowers.  The sample has 18 buttons on the entire area.

 P1060136 copy

With the bigger of the sewing needles, poke a hole about .25" down from the top point of your star. Load the smaller needle with twine and stick it through the hole you just made. Tie the twine off in a loop and cut off any excess. 

 P1060129 copy

This little star comes together quickly and looks super cute too!  Take your time cutting the foam and the edges will look perfect!  Have fun with this, and just think of all the shapes you can make with foam core and Glue Dots!

~ Amanda