Summer Bugs

Don’t let a rainy summer day give you the blues! Dig out those sea shells from your last beach adventure.  Glue Dots® will give them wings, a new life and adventure, especially when the kids are stuck inside this summer!

summer bugs with cap option dmb

Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett

Time: 10 minutes

Level:  Quick and Easy

 summer bugs supplies

Here's what you need:

  • Craft Dots
  • Googly eyes 
  • Acetate/transparency film 
  • Sharpie markers 
  • Sea shells (option B: plastic lids)… washed and dried
  • Fiskars scissors

 Here's what you do:

Cut two rectangles of transparency film approximately 2" x 1". With both pieces on top of each other, cut out a wing shape as desired.  Wings my be larger or smaller; or they may be more squared or elongated.

Using Sharpie permanent markers, add a colorful design. Tip: To make the wings symmetrical, lay the 2nd wing on top of the first finished wing.  Add color and shapes to the same place by tracing with your marker.

summer bugs in process dmb
Use Craft Dots to stick the two wings together in a V shape. Add a second dot to the back of your now connected wings to secure them to the shell.

Use additional dots to add googly eyes to the shell.

summer bugs with product dmb

A couple of options:  Use plastic lids from milk/OJ jugs and pop containers…or find small rocks to create fun bugs.

~ Dawn