DIY Wedding

Twine-Wrapped Wedding Champagne Flutes

Rustic themed wedding are all the rage right now! Creative Maker Tammy shows you how to dress up the bride and groom’s champagne flutes. It is so easy to add a rustic decoration to the outside of champagne flutes with simple embellishments and Glue Dots® Glue Squares®.

Made by: Tammy Santana
Time: 20 minutes
Level: Intermediate

Here’s what you need:


Here’s what you do:

Place Glue Squares at the bottom of the stem of the champagne glass.



Add twine and wrap around stem of glass up to the top of the stem.  Add more Glue Squares to the glass as you go to hold the twine in place.


Add Glue Squares to a small piece of lace and wrap around top of stem to cover twine.

Add a Pop Up Dot to the bottom of the stem and add a fabric flower for the bride's glass.



Repeat the steps, but add a Pop Dot to the bottom of the stem and add a fabric bow tie on the groom’s glass.


That’s it! They are so easy to make and are both cute and functional. These rustic wedding champagne flutes would be a great addition to either the wedding reception or a wedding shower.

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Aren't these the cute? All you need are champagne flutes, twine, embellishments and #GlueDots #DIYwedding