4th of July - Patriotic Crafts

USA Chipboard Banner

Banners are normally horizontal in design but when I thought about creating this particular project, I decided that doing the tiles vertically would fit better. Plus this project was finished in less than an hour, thanks to Glue Dots®.

Made by: Grace Tolman
Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: 18 ½” x 4”

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Measure your tiles and cut some pattern papers to match those measurements. Mine was an exact 4” square. Adhere these papers onto the tile using Glue Dots Advanced Strength adhesive. You can use a file to sand down the edges for a finished look.


Using Ultra-Thin Dots, adhere the chipboard tiles onto the glittered paper. Trim off excess using a craft knife. File the edges for a finished look as well.


Adhere the chipboard letters onto the centers of the tiles using Advanced Strength Glue Dots.


Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 24” long.  Use Advanced Strength Dots to adhere the tiles onto the ribbon, making sure each tile is centered on the ribbon. 


Fold over the top of the ribbon and slip a key ring through before closing the fold with Advanced Strength adhesive. 


Create a bow using more ribbon and adhere to the top of the banner with Advanced Strength Glue Dots. Cut a notch on the bottom edge of the ribbon.




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