Why Glue Dots Adhesives Are Just Better – Part 3

Posted by GDI Industrial on February 18, 2015

In our last two blogs, we did our best to show that Glue Dots adhesives are superior to adhesive tape and hot melt adhesive. For the final blog in this series, we will be taking on a classic: liquid glue.

Part 3 - Glue Dots Adhesives versus Liquid Glue

Liquid glues are the most commonly used liquid adhesive and are usually a mix of water and a wide variety of resins and proteins. From the classic white glue of our childhoods to the more heavy-duty commercial epoxies, liquid glues are quite popular and readily available. So with all of this in mind, why should you choose Glue Dots Brand Adhesives over liquid glue?

The key here is the idea of control. Unlike liquid glues, Glue Dots adhesives allow you to control almost every aspect of the adhesive process. Thanks to our selection of sizes, tack levels, and profiles, you get the exact amount of adhesive every time, no more, no less. In addition, unlike messy and often unpredictable liquid glues, Glue Dots adhesives go on clean, leave no mess, residue or odor and have zero cure time. Liquid glues simply cannot promise this level of consistency. And, Glue Dots adhesives are double-sided and preformed.

In the end, no matter what adhesive you compare them to, we truly believe that Glue Dots Brand Adhesives are always the superior choice. Nothing on the market is as clean, flexible, consistent, and safe as Glue Dots adhesives.

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