Back-to-School Notebook & School Calendars

The new school year is upon us!  Start preparing your kids for the new school year with a couple of quick and easy ideas from Designer Dawn.

Home/School Calendars

Schooling isn't just at school any more! If you are home schooling your little ones, you may need to do a little calendaring with them. Here is a simple way to have a new, inexpensive calendar each month.

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Simply print off a free calendar which you can find from many websites.

Mount the calendar using Permanent Glue Dots onto patterned paper. Think about coordinating by season and theme!

Decorate with light weight embellishments...maybe a ribbon or a paper flower and Permanent Glue Dots.

Use Poster Glue Dots to hang your calendar up on a white board or wall.

Create a token by cutting 4 copies of a shape.  Use Permanent Glue Dots to layer them all together to create a nice thick shape to use as a token to be moved each day.

Then, use Removable Glue Dots to secure the token to the calendar.


Customized Composition Notebook

A budding scientist is going to need to keep copious notes, charts, and observations.  This is a great way to personalize a notebook and make it workable for your specific needs. Some tab suggestions are: charts, research, supplies, data, notes, analysis, etc.

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Punch or cut custom tabs from different color card stock.

Add the colored tabs to the composition notebook using Permanent Glue Dots.


Use Removable Glue Dots to add pages or charts in to the Lab Notebook. This way they can be easily removed or shared with a lab partner!