Handy Math Tool for Kids

Do you remember the trick for your 9's tables? Give your kids a helping hand when solving math problems.  Designer Dawn shows you how to make a handy math tool with Glue Dots, paper and a helping hand from your kids.

Designed by: Dawn Barrett
Time: 20 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: 11" x 17"

Keep your math facts fresh with this hands-on manipulative. Whether you have a preschooler learning addition/subtraction facts to 10, or a young student learning their 9's table, this Handy Math Tool will help keep repetition interesting!

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Use a pencil to trace your child's hand print onto white card stock and cut it out using precision scissors. This will be your template.

Use the template to trace 2 hand prints onto a sheet of DCWV double-sided paper with the marker. Before you trace the second hand, flip the template over so that the hands and fingers are positioned realistically.


After you cut them out, use the marker to outline the finished hands.

Fold down each of the 10 fingers at the bottom knuckle. Use Permanent Glue Dots to secure the back of the hands near the top of your 11" x 17" paper (base). Keep the fingers free from Glue Dots.

Cut down several sheets of white card stock to 10" x 8.5". Using a ruler and Permanent Glue Dots, position the photo corners to hold the white card stock at the bottom half of the 11" x 17" paper.

Use a sharpie to write down math facts that your student needs to work on. You can easily write down or print off more sheets as needed. Switching the math problems is a breeze with the photo corners.

If you want to put this up in your child's bedroom or homework area, use HybriBond Mounting Tape to hang it on your wall.


Do you remember the trick for your 9's tables? If your problem is 3 x 9, count over three fingers from the left and fold down that finger. Look at the hands. You should see the hands showing a 2 and a 7. Put it together...27! 3 x 9 = 27.