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Craft Cuts:  Yoga Sign

Craft Cuts offers a large assortment of letters and shapes to design unique and personalized projects like this yoga sign for a home studio.


Designed by: Danielle Hunter

Time: 1 hour

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 9 ¾" x 21 ¾"

Glue-Dots-Craft-Cuts-Yoga-supplies Materials:

Spray paint the front and back of each plywood letter and shape. Apply 3 coats of paint onto the front of your letters. Allow drying time in between coats.

Use Glue Lines to secure glass to frame.

After letters are dry, trace the circle of the OM symbol onto the burlap paper and cut out.

Apply Glue Squares to the back of the circle shape and attach the burlap paper.

Attach jewels to letters and shape with Craft Dots.


Use Glue Squares and Craft Dots to attach the rest of the Om symbol onto the front of the burlap paper.


Use Craft Dots to attach the Y, G A and Om symbol to the glass.


~ Danielle