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DAD Candy Bar Wrapper

Dress up Dad’s favorite candy for Father’s Day,  with a customized wrapper. This project is simple way to add a little something extra to your gift. It’s also a great project for kids to help with!


Made by: Samantha Taylor

Time: 10 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Glue-Dots-Candy-Bar-Wrapper-supplies Materials:

Measure your candy bar to figure out the size paper you will need.


For the long side, measure your candy bar, then subtract ½” (this way the ends of your candy bar will peek out). Cut your paper to this measurement. 


Use Glue Lines to wrap and secure the patterned paper around your candy bar.

Use Permanent GlueTape to attach the letters D A D to your candy bar. I used a stencil to trace and cut them out of patterned paper. 


Glue Lines are my favorite adhesive when I want to attach/seal a long flat edge. The adhesive holds strong, even if you want to make this treat up a few weeks ahead of time. 

~ Samantha

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