Halloween Embroidery Hoop Décor

This Halloween embroidery hoop décor is the perfect way to spice up your space for spooky season. So grab your Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares® and find some leftover papers and ephemera to make this a freakishly affordable friendly project!


Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-007


  • Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares®
  • 10” embroidery hoop
  • One 12” x 12” sheet of Halloween themed paper and some scrap pieces
  • Coordinating chipboard letters to spell “BOO”
  • Halloween themed ephemera
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors

Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor


  1. Separate embroidery hoop. Set the outer hoop aside. Run Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares® around the top of the inside (smaller) hoop.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-001
  2. Firmly press your hoop to the backside of your patterned paper.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-002
  3. Trim the patterned paper to about ¼” to ½” around the hoop. Optional: you may make small cuts around the overhanging paper to help the paper fold around the edge of the hoop.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-003
  4. Place the outer hoop around the inner hoop and paper, tighten, and screw in place. This is the hardest step. You may want to recruit an extra pair of hands to help.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-004
  5. Use your Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares® to add paper and ephemera embellishments to the paper and the hoop.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-005
  6. Then, add the word “BOO” to your hoop. Even if the letters come with adhesive on them, use Glue Dots® Permanent Glue Squares® to add extra hold.
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-006
  7. Hang with twine or ribbon and enjoy your scary-stylish embroidery hoop!
    Halloween Embroidery Hoop Decor-008

This project is all about customization; for a vintage or traditional vibe stick with an orange, black, and white combo. For a whimsical look try an orange, black, green, and purple combo. For something modern try an orange, black, white, and pink combination. Use colors and embellishments that speak to your style!