Witch Hat Treat Cones

Handing treats out at Halloween is extra fun with these Witch Hat Treat Cones. They are easy enough to make assembly line style for a whole class of kids, and special enough to make just one or two to share with family. 

Witch Hat Treat Cones-013


  • Glue Dots® Glue Squares
  • Patterned Paper cut to 6” x 6”
  • Patterned Paper cut to 3 ½” x 3 ½”
  • A way to cut a 3 ¼” x 3 ¼” circle (die cutting machine, template, or stencil)
  • Scissors
  • Candy
  • Ribbon (optional) 


  1. Cut a 3 ¼” circle. Set aside.
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-001

  2. Take a 6” square piece of paper. Right side facing up, put Glue Squares® all along the far right edge.  
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-002

  3. Flip 6” paper to wrong side facing up and put Glue Squares® all along the top edge, being careful not to press the squares on the underside onto your work space. 
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-003

  4. Roll the paper into a cone so that the edges with the Glue Squares® on them overlap to form the seam. 
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-004

  5. Use a scissors to cut off the extra flap on the cone, making a flat bottom edge for your hat.  
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-005

  6. Cut about a ½” flap along the bottom edge of the cone every ½” or so.  
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-006
  7. Place Glue Squares® on the flaps, and fold them towards the center.  
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-007

  8. Place candy in the cone and press your 3 ¼” circle to the flaps on the bottom of the cone to create the brim of your hat.
    Witch Hat Treat Cones-008
  9. Optional: Use Glue Squares® to add decorative ribbon to the brim of the hat.   Witch Hat Treat Cones-012

Notes: Glue Squares® give an exceptionally strong hold and work great on both paper and ribbon.  

If you like to hand out non-candy treats at Halloween, you can also stuff these cones with shaped erasers, bouncy balls, or other small gifts.