Father's Day

Dad, You're a Stud Muffin

This cute tag is such a breeze to put together for Dad. Depending on how much dry time you’ll need in between the blended background, you’ll be ready for Father’s Day in a jiff!


Stud Muffin Finished 2 copy




Die Cuts:

  • Circle Tag cut at 3.75” round
  • Circle Tag backer cut at 4”
  • “STUD MUFFIN” cut at 3”
  • 3 Shadow layers for the letters cut at 3.25”


  • Twine
  • Ribbon for a bow
  • Curling Ribbon to close the bag
  • Distress Oxide Ink in Brushed Corduroy
  • Applicator for Ink
  • Paper Towel
  • Distress Sprayer
  • Scratch Paper to work on
  • 2 Muffins that Dad loves
  • Cellphone Bag


  • Cricut or other Electronic Die Cut Machine
  • Scissors


  1. On the scratch paper, and the 3.75” tag, begin blending some the Brushed Corduroy on the circle. Blend as little or as much as you’d like.
    Stud Muffin Gold Stamp copy
  2. Spray some of the clean water from the distress sprayer on the blended background. Let it set for just a second or so, and pick up the water with the paper towel. You’ll be left with a cute detail of spatters. If you want a deeper color, or more, repeat the steps until you like it.
    Stud Muffin Spray copy
  3. With the left over ink from the applicator, run some along the bottom edge of each of the STUD MUFFIN letters.
  4. Use the Glue Dots® Permanent Dots to stack the 3 shadows together for the sentiment.
    Stud Muffin Gluing Circles copy
  5. With the Glue Dots® Permanent Dots, glue each of the letters to the shadows. Lightly set them on their spot and once all the letters are set, press them down to really adhere them.
    Stud Muffin Glue Box copy
  6. Use the Glue Dots® Permanent Dots to add the blended/spattered background to the 4” layer. Add the stacked sentiment to the tag with Glue Dots® Permanent Dots.
  7. Loop some twine through the tag hold and trim off the excess.  Put two of your muffins in the cellophane bag and tie it off with the curling ribbon. Tie the tag onto the bag.
    Stud Muffin Tie copy
  8. Tie a cute bow with the ribbon and trim the tails.
    Stud Muffin Finished copy

Super cute, super fast, and super yummy, too! Happy Father’s Day!