Father's Day

Seasoning Caddy

Handmade packaging can make even a store-bought gift seem extra special. Dress up some grill or smoker seasonings with a seasoning caddy to make the perfect gift for Dad (or whoever the grill master is in your life)!

LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE   |   SIZE: 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” x  6”

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  1. Take the piece of patterned paper or card stock that you want to serve as the box base. Score it at 3 ¾” and 8 ¼”. Turn the patterned paper 90 degrees and repeat.Seasoning Caddy-Step 001
  2. Fold along your score marks to make them deeper. Then, cut every other fold/score line from the outer edge to the inner fold/score line (for a total of 4 cuts). You should now have 4 flaps that you will use later to assemble your box. Set this piece of paper aside.Seasoning Caddy-Step 002
  3. Take your second piece of patterned paper or card stock (this piece will serve as your handle), and cut a strip of paper that is 4 ½” x 8 ¼”. Score at 2 ½” along the short edge. Repeat. You should now have two pieces of patterned paper that are the same.Seasoning Caddy-Step 003
  4. Use an oval die or punch to cut out a handle space on the top of the paper.Seasoning Caddy-Step 004
  5. Use Glue Dots® Premium Permanent Glue Tape to attach the 2 pieces of paper together on the top (large) section only, leaving the 2 ¼” strip of patterned paper below the score line unattached (without any adhesive on it).
    Seasoning Caddy-Step 005
  6. Use Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dots to attach the base of the handle to the very center of your paper that you scored and set aside.
    Seasoning Caddy-Step 006
  7. Use Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dots to assemble your box by folding the flaps you cut in step 3 inside the uncut flaps.
    Seasoning Caddy-Step 007
  8. Finally, drop the seasoning bottles (or little bottles of hot sauce) inside and give it to the grill master!
    Seasoning Caddy-Step 008

If you have a little extra time, customize the caddy by adding the grill master’s name to the outside! Either way, we're sure they'll love it.