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Faith Decorative Box

Some days I want to create, but keep it simple. This is the perfect project for those days!

IMG_7485 copy

Designed by: Robyn

Time: 15 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy


 IMG_7460 copy

Here's what you need:



Take your paper and cut it to the size of the front of your block.

IMG_7477 copy
Adhere paper to wood block with your Advanced Strength Dots.

IMG_7479 copy
Use your Marvy markers to add the word "Faith" (or any other word or phrase you want to display).

IMG_7480 copy

Go over multiple times to make the letters bold. 

IMG_7481 copy

Embellish with twine.

I love the simplicity of this craft - and the fact that you can turn it around and do it again to show something totally different! Enjoy!