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“Follow your dreams” framed art

I love how the Paint and Create Kit by DCWV gives me a way to be ‘artistic’ without too much experience and effort. I also love how the Glue Dots® adhesive helps me to make use of an old frame while making a beautiful piece of home decor.

Made by: Grace Tolman
Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: 12 x 9 ½"

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Measure the inside of the frame and cut the cardboard to match that measurement.

Cut the piece of the “Paint and Create kit” background paper that measures the same as the cardboard.


Add color to the background piece using the watercolor set. Set aside to dry.


Cut a piece the quote paper measuring 7" x 7". Adhere to the light blue card stock and trim to create a matte around the piece using Ultra-Thin Dots.


Add some splatters of color to the quote piece using some swipes of watercolor and also splatters of paint.

Adhere the quote block on the center of the watercolor background using Pop Dots.


Adhere the background onto the cardboard using Advanced Strength Glue Dots.

Place Advanced Strength Glue Dots adhesive on the inside edges of the frame.