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"Gather Together" Home Decor

Create your own "Gather" sign with a few supplies and a homemade stencil with Glue Dots® and paper.  Removable Glue Dots allow you to move and reposition the stencil until you have it positioned to your liking. You can use an electronic die cutting machine to create your stencil, or just print it out on paper and cut it out by hand. 

Made by: Samantha Taylor
Time: 45-60 minutes of active time plus drying time
Level: Intermediate
Size: 16" x 6"

Swapping out the "a" in "gather" for a festive fall leaf adds a little something special to this home décor piece. 


Here's what you need:

  • Glue Dots® Removable Dots™
  • 16" x 6" board
  • Paint (I used Tattered Angels Décor and DIY Paint and Ranger Adirondack Paint)
  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Stencil


Here's what you do:

Paint the entire board in the color that you want your letters to be. Let dry.

Cut a stencil from a thick piece of paper that says "Gather".

Add Removable Dots to the back side of the stencil and place into position.



Paint the entire board with a second color.


Remove stencil (and Glue Dots) immediately when done painting. Let dry.


If you would like to add an additional color (in this case the gold leaf and “together”), cut an additional stencil, adhere with Removable Glue Dots and paint the stenciled area with the 3rd color of paint.

Use a fine grained sandpaper to distress the finished sign by removing some of the all over paint color on the front and edges of the board.


The possibilities are endless with a little bit of paper, paint, and Removable Glue Dots.