Homemade Sticky Note Holder

A sticky note holder is a great back to school DIY project. Great for your kids, great for your desk, and a great teacher’s gift. It is quick and easy to make with minimal materials. 

Made By: Janet Van Lone Trieschman
Level: Easy
Time: 15 minutes
Size: (varies) example 6" x 4"

Here's what you need:

  • Glue Dots® Ultra-Thin Dots™
  • Paper
  • Sticky Notes - various sizes and designs
  • Paper Cutter or scissors
  • Acrylic Picture Frame
  • Optional - Embellishments to decorate the frame
  • Optional - Magnets (for a locker or fridge)


Here's what you do:

Using the insert from the picture frame as a template, cut your decorative paper to size.


Insert the decorative paper into the picture frame.

Decide upon the arrangement of the sticky notes to the front of the frame.

Use Ultra-Thin Glue Dots to adhere the sticky notes pads to the front of the frame.


Tip: If the frame is top heavy, adhere a quarter or a washer to the base of the frame with a Glue Dot.