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"Hunting" Double Page

 When I saw that The Great Outdoors collection from Paper House® Productions had a hunting theme, I knew I had to use it to document my husband’s week in the mountains. He and his friends go hunting every year and he looks forward to it every time. Because my page is busy, I opted for a more subtle title using the shadow/raised effect.


Designed by: Grace Tolman

Time: About 45 minutes

Level: Moderate Handiness

Size:  12" x 24”




Cut seven 3" x 4" panels from various pattern papers within the collection. Place them on the cutting mat.

Type up HUNTING on the Silhouette software and use the Impact font. Enlarge each letter to fit within a 3" x 4" size. Cut out the letters from the pattern papers you’ve prepared.

Open the Christmas Tree file in the online Silhouette software. Take out the circle accents from the file and duplicate the tree shape so that you get 3 trees. Edit the sizes of the trees so that you have one large, one medium, and one small tree.

Cut it out using the green cardstock.

Run the trees through the Cuttlebug die cut machine with the Divine Swirls embossing folder.

Cut out two 6" x 9” pieces from the brown wood paper (these will be placed on the edges of your layout).
Add a scallop border on the top of a different paper and cut it out so that you have about a ¾" x 9” strip. Repeat the process to have two identical border strips. 

Note: I used the sky portion of one of the layout pages, so that I would have a lighter color to break up the colors of my spread. See below.

Cut out two ½" x 9” strip from a different paper.
Cut out the 3" x 4" piece with the Black and white deer silhouette from the paper pad.
Adhere the 3" x 4" cut apart piece on the top bottom edge of the left side of the page using Craft Dots. Then, adhere the rest of the 3 x 4 pattern paper pieces for your letters, starting with the negative pieces using some Mini Dots. Go across both sides of the double page spread so that the word Hunting goes all the way across both pages.

Adhere the positive side of the letters with some Pop Up Dots to give it a shadow, raised look. See the letter "I" below. 

Place one of the brown woodgrain paper cutouts on the top left side of the left page of your spread. Adhere with Craft Dots it about 1/8” away from the border, leaving a white border on the top and left side of the page. Next, adhere the scallop edge strip on the right edge of the wood grain paper with Mini Dots. Adhere the colorful ½” strip of paper over the edge using more Mini Dots.
Adhere some of the 3x4 photos to fill the rest of the left page using the Craft Dots. You will have to overlap some of them. 

*Tip - Lay the photos on your page first and ensure that you get them where you want them, before you glue them down. Craft Dots are permanent, so once you use the dots to attach the photos, they will stay. 

Repeat steps on the right side of the page to complete the layout.
Adhere the largest tree on the left side of the page using Craft Dots. Trim off the excess.

Adhere the middle tree to the farthest right side of the woodgrain paper on right page. Trim the excess. Adhere the smallest tree, overlapping the medium tree with some Pop-Up Dots to give it some extra dimension.

Add finishing touches to the page using some of the dimensional and flat stickers within the Paper House collection.



  • I do not like too much bulk with embellishments so I opted to take out the back layer of the dimensional stickers so that my elements are only raised once and not twice.
  • If you wish to add journaling to the page, you can leave off the 3" x 4" paper with the deer silhouette out and include a journaling block instead. 


~ Grace

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