Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbooking with a Kit

We are a family that loves the outdoors, scouting, and being together. That, along with my love of taking pictures and capturing memories - plus the help from Paper House The Great Outdoors Camping pack - made this a perfect and easy way to put together some scrapbook pages for my family.


Designed by: Robyn Power

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Beginner

Size: 12" x 12"

Glue-Dots-Paper-House-Scrapbook-Supplies Supplies


Select a Paper House page that works best with your photos. Lay out your photos to see where you want to fit them on your page.

Using your Premium Permanent GlueTape from Glue Dots®  to adhere your photos. (Optional: You may want to back them with another colored paper to set them off a bit more. I did that on some of mine and left others alone.)


Embellish with cute stickers from the Paper House pack (The Great Outdoors).


Add any other personal memories/words to the page that help you remember the occasion.


Add the pages to your scrapbook.


These made it so easy to put together scrapbook pages for my family. I am sure they will love it for years to come!