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Inspirational Desk Decor

Paper pads with coordinating pieces make for fun craft projects. I like the paper pads from Paper House® because they include bright, modern colors with mix and match designs. They make projects like this Inspirational Desk Décor easy!

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-finished

Made by: Melanie East

Time: 10 minutes

Level: Quick and Easy

Size: 4” by 6”

 Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-Supplies


Use scissors to cut the “Life is Like a Mountain” inspirational phrase from the Paper House Color Washed 12” Paper Pad. Set the piece aside.

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-cutout
Within the Paper House Color Washed 12” Paper pad, find a coordinating paper and cut it to approximately 4” X 6.”    

Use the Paper Trimmer to straighten up the edges of the 4” X 6” as needed.

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-trim
Place the 4” X 6” piece in the Cricut mosaic embossing folder.

Use the Cricut Cuttlebug with the plates to emboss the paper.

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-circut

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-emboss

Adhere the inspirational phrase to the embossed piece using Craft Dots.

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-attach
Place the final piece into the frame. If the card stock is not thick enough to stay in place within the frame, use the Craft Dots to secure the card stock to the back of the frame.

Glue-Dots-Melanie-East -Paper-House-Desk-Decor-sign

 Tip: If you do not have a frame in a color that you like, purchase an inexpensive frame and spray paint to re-color the frame.

~ Melanie 

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