Home Decor

"Land I Love" Canvas

I'm always looking to upcycle something around my house and this time I am showing you how to make your own DIY canvas that you can use to make some decorative art decor.

Designed by: Robyn
Time: 20 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: varies

Here's what you need:


Here's what you do:

Take an old frame that you have and use it as the frame to wrap your canvas (or other fabric) around. Cut your canvas to about 1.5 inches (or more depending on the width of your frame) larger than the outside of the frame.

Use your Advanced Strength Glue Dots to adhere the canvas to the frame.


Wrap each corner and apply addition Advanced Strength Glue Dots to the folded over corners.


Adhere your patterned paper to the center of the canvas with your Advanced Strength Glue Dots.

Use the Removable Glue Dots to apply your Fourth of July themed cutouts. (I used Removable glue dots here, so that I can change out the decor after the Fourth of July if I want.)

Tie your bandana in a knot and adhere with the Advanced Strength Glue Dots.


That's it! Now you've upcycled an old frame you have and can use it over and over for more home decor!